Longview, Texas: Celebrating 150 Years

Join with your community in celebrating 150 years as the city of Longview, Texas.




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Longview, Texas: Celebrating 150 Years

Longview is full of friendly folks and is a small city that is very BIG ON SERVICE! That’s the nature of Real East Texas.

Take a deeper look at Longview and you’ll discover that we’re more than piney woods. Drop by for a visit and you find friendly folks who’ll help you connect to fun and relaxation. Sure we have pines, but our oaks, maples, sweet gum, honey locust and red cedar provide a beautiful springtime through summer and can blaze with fall color well into November some years.

This Day in History

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May 31

May 31, 2000: Looking for cuts as the budget process began, Mayor Earl Roberts said city employees who did not meet productivity standards would be out of a job. The City Council was seeking a 5-cent cut in property taxes over three years, and 1.5 cents in the next...

May 30

May 30, 1925: The Bathing Girls Revue at Lake Lomond attracted a large crowd. A decorated platform extended from the pavilion and the 11 entrants marched around the platform as Tim Atkins’ orchestra from Marshall played. Entrants, representing businesses, wore pretty...

May 28

May 28, 1941: U.S. Rep. Lyndon Johnson, in a Senate campaign speech on the Gregg County Courthouse lawn, advocated for privately built pipelines from East Texas oilfields to the Eastern seaboard. If necessary, he said, the government should assist with financing as it...

May 27

May 27, 1972: Longview civic and business leaders gathered to organize the newly formed Longview Downtown Development Corp. Its objective was to maintain and encourage the civic, social, commercial and industrial welfare of the city through better business conditions....

May 26

May 26, 1957: County officials issued a plea to parents to keep children from following fogging machines being used by crews to battle a record infestation of mosquitoes. The fog of chlordane and DDT was not considered healthful, officials said, and posed a danger by...

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The NIE works with the Longview News-Journal to support education through the paper.

The NIE is offering Longview citizens a chance to leave behind a legacy as part of the City’s 150th birthday.